12 Days ’til Christmas: The Crucial Last Mile for the Holiday Season

This past month was HUGE for online retail. 

Seriously—record-breaking e-commerce sales filled my news feed immediately after Black Friday weekend and Cyber Monday. Even Thanksgiving Day turned around some unexpected results. According to Adobe Analytics, Americans spent a record $6.59 billion online on Cyber Monday alone.

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What Can You Do to Offset Rising Holiday Shipping Costs

In February, we wrote about whether retail analytics and personalization could offset rising e-commerce shipping costs. You can read the post here, but the general gist of it is by providing customers an enhanced online experience, there is a higher likelihood that customers will purchase the right item, thereby minimizing the cost of returns.  

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Can Retail Analytics and Personalization Offset Rising Shipping Costs?

The high cost of shipping is often a detractor to purchasing goods online. Although there are other reasons for not purchasing online, shipping costs seems to be high on the list. In a recent Harris poll 66% of consumers said shipping costs were their ‘biggest online shopping pet peeve’. As online sales continue to grow as a proportion of total retail sales, how can retailers offset rising shipping costs? 

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