No, The Presidential Election Won’t Harm Retail Sales

It happens every four years, but this year feels different - even if it isn't. 

Some hard-pressed journalist notices a downward trend in a given industry, and before you can say correlation doesn’t equal causation, they write an article blaming the presidential election. The NFL’s declining ratings? Election. Restaurant sales down? Must be Hillary’s fault. Housing market in a lull? Thanks Trump.   

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Back to School. Already?

It’s that time of year again.

But the summer just started, you say? It’s barely end of July, you say??

Retailers are vying for the projected $75.8 billion back to school spending and shoppers are already getting started. Back to school shopping is second only to the winter holidays, ahead of Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, and Easter combined. There’s a giant pot of gold to be had and retailers aren’t going to miss out.

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New E-commerce Data Reveals Need For Omni-Channel Approach, Retail Analytics

There's never a shortage of articles about e-commerce and its apparent disruption of (or downright end to) traditional brick-and-mortar shopping. It makes sense because it's easy, attention-grabbing, staple fodder for nearly every tech news source, corporate blog, or industry publication. While we did our best to refute that misconception here in March of 2015, in which Celect’s José Chan discussed consumer preferences for the “total retail experience,” it’s still worth revisiting. 

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Creativity and Gut Instinct are Back in Retail, But For a Surprising Reason

In a recent Retail Wire article, author Carol Spieckerman recounted a podcast conversation she had with Graeme Noseworthy, senior content marketing manager at IBM Analytics, in which they concluded that that the impact of big data on the retail industry could be categorized in one of four distinct ways.  

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Millennials – The Trillion Dollar Demographic

Retailers often talk about catering to the Millenial consumer. This often sounds and seems like an isolated initiative, removed from the overall corporate strategy of a given retailer. Demographics do indeed drive business initiatives.  However, it is important to find commonalities between generational segments. This way, similarities can be addressed first and then localized to the needs of each segment. Although we may think of Millenials as digital natives that are vastly different from other segments, how are they similar to prior generations? 

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