Talks You Don't Want to Miss at 2017, the annual e-commerce conference for retailers, is just around the corner and we are sooo excited.

In light of the upcoming event, we highlighted some of the most interesting items on the agenda—just for you. 

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You Won't Believe How Many Stores are Opening in 2017

The great retail apocalypse. The death of retail.

All of these are phrases you’ve probably come across at one point or another in the past few years. I know I still do. However, if you’re in the retail industry then you certainly already know this is not the case. Retail isn’t going away and consumers aren’t spending any less. 

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3 Amazon Effects on Retail: Are Businesses Adapting?

Customer expectations are changing as a result of Amazon’s innovative technology that continues to fuel their growth. Whether it’s a shift in consumer attitudes towards order delivery (taking into consideration free shipping and delivery speed), customer experience or personalization—about 61% of retailers in a recent Total Retail and IBM survey “believe Amazon has significantly increased its position in the marketplace during the last two years.”

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3 Things Retailers Should Consider When Adopting New Technology

Technology has been one of the key drivers of U.S economic growth for over 60+ years. From the late 1940s to the present, two-fifths of U.S. economic growth can be attributed to technological advances. Technology has dramatically transformed industries such as: Print Media, Television, Travel... Retail has not been spared, as technological advances are changing the industry in ways that would not have been possible a few years ago. By the end of 2015, digital technology will influence .64 Cents out of every dollar spent in U.S. retail stores. However, we must remember that technology does not work in a vacuum. When thinking about technology in the B2B context, we must take into consideration the human factor in order for adoption to be successful.

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