The AI Advantage: Jump on the Train or Get Left Behind

It wasn’t too long ago when the news of a computer beating a human at a traditional board game spread across the artificial intelligence community like wildfire. By mimicking the human brain, a computer successfully won against a professional at Go, an ancient eastern board game some AI researchers considered incredibly "computationally demanding." The thought of a computer beating a human expert at this game didn't even exist a little over a decade ago!

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You Won't Believe How Many Stores are Opening in 2017

The great retail apocalypse. The death of retail.

All of these are phrases you’ve probably come across at one point or another in the past few years. I know I still do. However, if you’re in the retail industry then you certainly already know this is not the case. Retail isn’t going away and consumers aren’t spending any less. 

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3 Amazon Effects on Retail: Are Businesses Adapting?

Customer expectations are changing as a result of Amazon’s innovative technology that continues to fuel their growth. Whether it’s a shift in consumer attitudes towards order delivery (taking into consideration free shipping and delivery speed), customer experience or personalization—about 61% of retailers in a recent Total Retail and IBM survey “believe Amazon has significantly increased its position in the marketplace during the last two years.”

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How Much Personalization is Too Much?

Nowadays, if you want to keep up with the fast paced world of retail, you simply must be personalizing your customers’ experiences. Today’s generation of shoppers actually expects you to have some idea of what they’re looking for. Or at least that’s what the word on the street is.

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The Pitfalls of Personalization

For the most part, personalization is a powerful tool for retailers. At its best, it can personalize the online shopping experience down to the individual customer, leading to higher conversions, more effective cross-sells, and increased inventory turns. And it’s not just something that makes sense for e-commerce companies looking to drive sales; it also benefits the customer, creating an improved and more rewarding online shopping experience. It’s partly why Amazon has become, well, Amazon. 

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