Retail Gets Touchy Feely

Earlier this week, Wal-Mart announced they were laying off hundreds of employees to realign the business and help strength the companies’ ecommerce operations.

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What Can You Do to Offset Rising Holiday Shipping Costs

In February, we wrote about whether retail analytics and personalization could offset rising e-commerce shipping costs. You can read the post here, but the general gist of it is by providing customers an enhanced online experience, there is a higher likelihood that customers will purchase the right item, thereby minimizing the cost of returns.  

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New E-commerce Data Reveals Need For Omni-Channel Approach, Retail Analytics

There's never a shortage of articles about e-commerce and its apparent disruption of (or downright end to) traditional brick-and-mortar shopping. It makes sense because it's easy, attention-grabbing, staple fodder for nearly every tech news source, corporate blog, or industry publication. While we did our best to refute that misconception here in March of 2015, in which Celect’s José Chan discussed consumer preferences for the “total retail experience,” it’s still worth revisiting. 

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How to Get Online Customers into Your Stores

One of the most challenging things for me as a consumer is being able to find an item I fell in love with online in my local store. Chances are, I’m not sure I’m ready to wholly commit to my purchase and usually want to try it out for myself before I decide. I’ve also been known to take this route because I’m impatient and unwilling to wait 5 days to get it, or because I’m stingy and don’t want to pay an extra $8 for shipping. Regardless, having in-store availability queries that allow customers to see which stores their items are available in can actually be a make or break hurdle for retailers.

So how are you pleasing your online customers who are consistently drawn to brick and mortar?

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Retail Analytics Will Create the Perfect Customer Experience

Last week, Retail Customer Experience, a leading retail trade publication, published an article entitled “3 Ways Successful Retailers Are Building a Perfect Customer Experience.”  In it, they proposed the theory that retailers have been pursuing the “perfect customer experience” and have always somehow managed to fall short (i.e., return issues, shipping problems, etc.), but are now closer than ever.  They then point to Amazon, Zappos, and Burberry as the current frontrunners in the race to perfect the customer experience—all companies we have previously mentioned as examples of retailers doing it right in one capacity or another. 

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