Talks You Don't Want to Miss at 2017, the annual e-commerce conference for retailers, is just around the corner and we are sooo excited.

In light of the upcoming event, we highlighted some of the most interesting items on the agenda—just for you. 

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Topics: data overload, customer experience, retail technology, e-commerce, in-store technology,, consumer insights

When Retail Technology Becomes a Novelty

Let’s say you want a specific sweater right now. Not tomorrow. Not in two days. Not next week. But right now. What are your options?

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Topics: in-store technology, adidas, store assortment

What's a Better Fit for Retail, AR or VR?

As brick-and-mortar retailers continue to experiment with technology to lure shoppers back into stores, two of the coolest—and most promising—innovations they’re using are augmented and virtual reality. However, much like VHS vs BetaMax, iOS vs Android, or almond butter vs peanut butter, there seems to be some debate in the community over which will eventually win favor with customers. Will consumers opt for donning headsets and jumping into a virtual world? Will they prefer a more supplementary experience? Or can both exist?

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Topics: virtual reality, augmented reality, in-store technology

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