Retail Gets Touchy Feely

Earlier this week, Wal-Mart announced they were laying off hundreds of employees to realign the business and help strength the companies’ ecommerce operations.

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Black Friday Retail Recap: What Happened?

Last week, we predicted shoppers wouldn’t care about Black Friday sales.  We were right. 


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Shoppers Don’t Care About Black Friday

Friday is Black Friday. And we’re sorry to burst your bubble retailers, but the shopping holiday really doesn’t matter all that much anymore. 

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4 Disruptive & Promising Concept Stores

If you’ve been following any retail themed news site or blog as of late, you’re probably aware that in-store shopping isn’t going anywhere. Both Millennials and Generation Z prefer it. Mall foot traffic has experienced a resurgence. And Best Buy, once written off as little more than an Amazon showroom, has thrived.

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3 Recent Trends Proving In-Store Shopping is Stronger than Ever

Despite all the evidence to the contrary, many people still assume that brick-and-mortar retail will eventually succumb to e-commerce shopping. They’ll point to the closing of once-great retail giants like Circuit City and Sports Authority to further their claims, while neglecting to mention the successes of brick-and-mortar competitors like Best Buy or Dick’s. Or they’ll explain how online and mobile shopping has grown year-over-year, without realizing that the same increase in consumer spending volume is also seen in malls across the world.

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