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Amazon Holiday 2015 Statistics That Will Blow Your Mind

Amazon has been setting records left and right this holiday season. According to a press release from the retail giant on Monday, they have added more than three million new members (worldwide) to their Amazon Prime program during the third week of December alone. Even if half of those end up just being trials, those numbers are staggering.  

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Predictive Personalization Drives Amazon Holiday Success

Amazon has been much more than a retailer this holiday season. According to a report published in FierceRetail this past Friday, during the Thanksgiving shopping period (Black Friday through Cyber Monday) eighty-seven percent of online consumers comparison-shopped on Amazon prior to making a purchasing decision. Survey respondents claimed that it is the online retailer’s ability “to find or predict what they [consumers] want more quickly” that led them to treat Amazon as a de facto gift-finding search engine—with thirty-nine percent believing it to be better than Google.

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Black Friday Isn’t What It Used to Be

There’s a lot of articles over recent years proclaiming the death of Black Friday. While it may not be dead, it's certainly different. The word Black Friday reminds many of the old days, which meant getting up at 4 am for the best deals, waiting in endless lines, getting trampled, and yet still feeling like we accomplished something. Ahh the memories.

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Merchandise Planning - 5 Things Retailers are Stressing About

In the Boston area, we can nearly see the end of summer approaching. Days are getting shorter (slowly thankfully) and temperatures aren’t as brutal as July. Better news is that our famous pile of snow from last season’s record breaking accumulation finally melted.

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