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Black Friday Retail Recap: What Happened?

Last week, we predicted shoppers wouldn’t care about Black Friday sales.  We were right. 


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Shoppers Don’t Care About Black Friday

Friday is Black Friday. And we’re sorry to burst your bubble retailers, but the shopping holiday really doesn’t matter all that much anymore. 

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Holiday Shopping Prediction Roundup

Yes. Yes. I know.

It’s mid-October. It seems premature. The nutmeg has barely settled upon your pumpkin spice latte. The J.Crew fall flannels have just made their glorious return to the center of your closet. And the glut of “original” Ken Bone and Harambe Halloween costumes are still a few weeks away. It’s hardly even Fall!

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Post-Valentine’s Numbers Reveal Huge Opportunity for Retailers

As far as gift giving to significant others is concerned, the two most stressful holidays of the year are Christmas and Valentine’s day. Each present the same problems—overcrowded malls, last-minute mad dashes to the store and many happy returns—and yet, strangely, the way consumers make purchasing decisions during these times has proven to vary significantly. 

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Retail Analytics Show a Post-Holiday Surge

For most of us, the traditional holiday shopping season exists somewhere between camping outside a major retailer on Black Friday and running through a mall in a panicked frenzy on Christmas Eve. And while we tend to differ on when we actually start buying gifts, even the biggest procrastinators among us agree that come the morning of December 25th, time is up.

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