Optimize Omnichannel Fulfillment for the Holiday Season

We’re just a quick block and jingle bell ring away from the holiday season — a high stakes, strategically coordinated shopping season retailers strive to perfect each and every year. 

At this point, inventory assortment plans and buys have been squared away.

However, once the frantic shopping frenzy ensues, the scale of orders coming through (from any and all channels) becomes increasingly difficult to manage. When an e-commerce purchase is made, retailers are bending over backwards to meet customer expectations even at the expense of a more profitable sale.

“[O]nline sales are growing at a respectable rate for many omnichannel retailers in large part because they continue to bear nearly all the associated costs of attracting and accommodating online shoppers, while their store-based sales often languish.” - WWD

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Why Prime Day 2018 Isn’t Just About Amazon Anymore

“Amazon has been getting more and more help hyping the event every year, as other retailers — seeing both opportunities and risks in being left behind — chase after deal-hungry shoppers in cyberspace with their own discounts.” Retail Dive 

It’s all going down on July 16.

The explosion of the unofficial, e-commerce, midsummer holiday is exceeding expectations since its initial launch only a measly, three years ago! It’s pretty absurd looking at the jaw-dropping stats behind the growth Amazon Prime Day continues to garner: 

According to the Goliath, Prime Day sales increased 60% year over year. 

However, it’s clear that the attention around the event isn’t just fueled by Amazon themselves. Retailers of all shapes and sizes are jumping in the ring to get a finger in their consumer’s wallets. Here’s why Prime Day 2018 isn’t just about Amazon anymore: 

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Top 3 Post-Christmas Holiday Spending Takeaways of 2017

The impact of the holiday season for most retailers isn’t entirely clear yet and won’t be until after the New Year. However, based on what is available so far, I’d say it’s looking pretty good for most. :)

From overall retail spend to post-Christmas opportunities, the most successful retailers are pushing through the end of an incredibly disruptive year to reach the bright light at the end of the tunnel. Here’s what we learned from the holiday season until now:

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Did Retailers Survive the Black Friday Shopping Weekend? A Look at the Results.

I know, I know. So many holiday-themed forecasts have taken over our blog recently. Luckily for you, today we’re not going over any forecasts. That’s right. Let’s take the guesswork out of the picture and review the Thanksgiving holiday weekend results. 

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2017 Turkey Day Weekend Retail Trends

Happy Turkey Day everyone! 

The biggest shopping weekend of the year is just hours away. This year an estimated 164 million people are planning to shop or are considering shopping during the Thanksgiving weekend, according to an annual survey by the National Retail Federation.   

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