The State of Fashion 2018 Report: Personalization, AI and a Startup Mentality

I can’t believe the end of the year is right around the corner. Wipe the sweat off your forehead because you just survived 2017 (well, almost)—a major feat in retail considering the numerous bankruptcies and store closures we’ve witnessed the past year. That aside, the fashion industry is undergoing a tremendous transformation, leaving a vacuum open for new competition and LOTS of experimentation. Before I start dissecting all the trending holiday shopping reports as we inch closer and closer to Christmas, it’s imperative for fashion retailers to get ahead on what’s to come when 2018 rolls around.

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4 Ways to Overcome the Luxury Retailer Paradox

"Luxury fashion has always thrived on a culture of exclusivity, but the modern age has brought about a democratization of the apparel and accessories space that brands are still currently navigating.”Luxury Daily

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The New Fast Fashion Darling

Amazon never ceases to amaze me. A few weeks ago they caused waves when Sandeep Mathrani, CEO of mall operator General Growth properties, let it slip on an earnings call that Amazon planned to open 300 to 400 bookstores. However, did you know about their foray into fashion private label apparel? In a job description for its private label apparel division it said that its, ‘mission is to become the primary destination for customers buying Softlines product in the US. Why are they going in this direction? There are a few reasons for this. However, the fundamental question is should apparel retailers be worried?

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