Holiday Shopping Prediction Roundup

Yes. Yes. I know.

It’s mid-October. It seems premature. The nutmeg has barely settled upon your pumpkin spice latte. The J.Crew fall flannels have just made their glorious return to the center of your closet. And the glut of “original” Ken Bone and Harambe Halloween costumes are still a few weeks away. It’s hardly even Fall!

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No, The Presidential Election Won’t Harm Retail Sales

It happens every four years, but this year feels different - even if it isn't. 

Some hard-pressed journalist notices a downward trend in a given industry, and before you can say correlation doesn’t equal causation, they write an article blaming the presidential election. The NFL’s declining ratings? Election. Restaurant sales down? Must be Hillary’s fault. Housing market in a lull? Thanks Trump.   

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Retail Analytics Gets a Vote from DNC

From July 25th to July 28th, the Democratic National Convention will take place in Philadelphia, PA.  Over the years, the convention has tried to increase engagement—especially among younger voters—by a host of different initiatives, most notably recently through social channels, including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc.

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