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Halloween Consumer Spending on the Rise as the Holiday Shopping Season Begins

The best unofficial holiday of the year is tomorrow.

I don’t know about you, but any excuse to dress up and eat candy is a win in my book. It’s a win for retailers too, as October marks the point in the year where the holiday season actually starts to feel like the holiday season. Pumpkins, tombstones and spider-web décor take over homes and storefronts, giving us all the fun holidays feels to indulge.

And by indulge, I mean spend more $$ (and eat more candy!).

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4 Ways to Overcome the Luxury Retailer Paradox

"Luxury fashion has always thrived on a culture of exclusivity, but the modern age has brought about a democratization of the apparel and accessories space that brands are still currently navigating.”Luxury Daily

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Stores and E-commerce - the Conjoined Twins of Retail

Here’s something interesting:

According to data collected by SimilarWeb, when a retailer closes a brick-and-mortar location, its e-commerce site is adversely affected. Sears, Macy’s, and Payless—all companies that have made headlines for shuttering multiple storefronts in the past year—all saw noticeable declines in web traffic in recent months. Macy’s traffic dipped 11%. 

Payless.com saw an increased bounce rate, while consumers were viewing the same number of pages per visit. 

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