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What Can You Do to Offset Rising Holiday Shipping Costs

In February, we wrote about whether retail analytics and personalization could offset rising e-commerce shipping costs. You can read the post here, but the general gist of it is by providing customers an enhanced online experience, there is a higher likelihood that customers will purchase the right item, thereby minimizing the cost of returns.  

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Topics: omnichannel, shipping, e-commerce, fulfillment

A Lesson Learned from Movie Theaters

When Netflix and On-Demand killed the video rental store, a lot of people assumed that the movie theater was next. At the time, the prevailing thought was that as digital rental services became more and more commonplace, most consumers would opt for the comforts of home over crowed, oft-dirty theaters. Even Fox News once went so far as to call 2005 the “death knell for movie theaters.”

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Topics: retail analytics, e-commerce, in-store assortment

The New Fast Fashion Darling

Amazon never ceases to amaze me. A few weeks ago they caused waves when Sandeep Mathrani, CEO of mall operator General Growth properties, let it slip on an earnings call that Amazon planned to open 300 to 400 bookstores. However, did you know about their foray into fashion private label apparel? In a job description for its private label apparel division it said that its, ‘mission is to become the primary destination for customers buying Softlines product in the US. Why are they going in this direction? There are a few reasons for this. However, the fundamental question is should apparel retailers be worried?

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Topics: merchandising, fashion, amazon, e-commerce

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