Talks You Don't Want to Miss at 2017, the annual e-commerce conference for retailers, is just around the corner and we are sooo excited.

In light of the upcoming event, we highlighted some of the most interesting items on the agenda—just for you. 

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Creativity and Gut Instinct are Back in Retail, But For a Surprising Reason

In a recent Retail Wire article, author Carol Spieckerman recounted a podcast conversation she had with Graeme Noseworthy, senior content marketing manager at IBM Analytics, in which they concluded that that the impact of big data on the retail industry could be categorized in one of four distinct ways.  

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It’s OK to Trust Your Gut... Right?

I “go with my gut” on a lot of things. This is especially true when I don’t have the right information to back up a confident decision. Most of us are wired so that we rely on our instinct, yet balance it with tangible information (data) where possible. In these situations, our minds are aligned with our gut, usually resulting in better overall decisions. But what if there is an imbalance?

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