KicksUSA and the Slow Shopping Movement

Update 9/15: Be sure to check out KicksUSA latest opening in Spanish Harlem

Prior to their reinvention as experience-driven locations, movie theaters closed with alarming frequency. Fox News dubbed 2005 the “death knell for movies,” and by 2011, more than a handful of articles called for something to be done with the thousands upon thousands of vacant theaters looming over strip malls across the country. And while, six or so years later, the theater-going experience has largely rebounded, little progress has been made on re-purposing those that failed to survive.

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Apple Embraces the Store of the Future

If you’re a regular reader of the Celect blog, you know we’ve championed the idea of retailer’s embracing a “store of future” concept for some time now. In just the past few months, we’ve covered Staples’ attempt to reinvent itself as a shared working space for Millennials, Adidas’ effort  to increase foot traffic by way of 3D printing sweaters, and lululemon’s foray into community building.  And while we don’t want to harp on the subject (you get it, stores of the future are, well, the future), news out of Cupertino can’t go unmentioned.

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Your Stores Might Need an Overhaul

It’s no secret things have been tough out there for brick-and-mortar retailers of late. But lost in all the juicy coverage of closings, shut-downs, and “going out of business” sales is the fact that plenty of traditional brick-and-mortar retailers are doing just fine.

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4 Ways Retail Stores Could Use Westworld Hosts

With Game of Thrones between seasons and ending soon, HBO is banking on their Western / Sci-fi hybrid Westworld to be their next juggernaut series. The series is based on the Michael Crichton original film from 1972. Westworld is a veritable theme park comprised of a large-scale re-creation of the Wild West where those with enough cash in their pocket can buy a ticket to play whatever role they want.  

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4 Disruptive & Promising Concept Stores

If you’ve been following any retail themed news site or blog as of late, you’re probably aware that in-store shopping isn’t going anywhere. Both Millennials and Generation Z prefer it. Mall foot traffic has experienced a resurgence. And Best Buy, once written off as little more than an Amazon showroom, has thrived.

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