The Pitfalls of Personalization

For the most part, personalization is a powerful tool for retailers. At its best, it can personalize the online shopping experience down to the individual customer, leading to higher conversions, more effective cross-sells, and increased inventory turns. And it’s not just something that makes sense for e-commerce companies looking to drive sales; it also benefits the customer, creating an improved and more rewarding online shopping experience. It’s partly why Amazon has become, well, Amazon. 

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Topics: big data, predictive analytics, personalization

Predicting the Unknown - What Global Unrest, Netflix, and Retail have in common

Considering the volume of data we have access to at any given time, one would think that there isn’t any task, question, concept, or scenario that we can’t handle. That couldn’t be farther from the truth because generally speaking, as humans, we stink at making decisions from data and vehemently dislike not knowing things. 

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Topics: decisions, big data, predictive analytics

3 Killer Trends in Retail Analytics

Every year brings new trend predictions from the bullhorn of industry analysts, pundits, and vendors. When it comes to analytics and understanding customer choice, here are three killer trends that are happening right now: 

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Topics: choice, big data, assortment optimization, customer experience

Merchandise Planning - 5 Things Retailers are Stressing About

In the Boston area, we can nearly see the end of summer approaching. Days are getting shorter (slowly thankfully) and temperatures aren’t as brutal as July. Better news is that our famous pile of snow from last season’s record breaking accumulation finally melted.

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Topics: holidays, big data, assortment optimization, customer experience

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