The Modern Shopper, Tech and the Last Mile: What We Learned at #ShopOrg17

Last week at was fantastic, with so many useful insights about the exciting road that lies ahead for digital retail. We examined a few dominant themes retailers can take away from the conference below, including thoughts about the modern shopper, fulfillment, and the future of retail tech. 

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Topics: retail technology, amazon, fulfillment, virtual reality, artificial intelligence, consumer insights, machine learning

The AI Advantage: Jump on the Train or Get Left Behind

It wasn’t too long ago when the news of a computer beating a human at a traditional board game spread across the artificial intelligence community like wildfire. By mimicking the human brain, a computer successfully won against a professional at Go, an ancient eastern board game some AI researchers considered incredibly "computationally demanding." The thought of a computer beating a human expert at this game didn't even exist a little over a decade ago!

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Topics: retail analytics, personalization, artificial intelligence, machine learning

4 Ways Retail Stores Could Use Westworld Hosts

With Game of Thrones between seasons and ending soon, HBO is banking on their Western / Sci-fi hybrid Westworld to be their next juggernaut series. The series is based on the Michael Crichton original film from 1972. Westworld is a veritable theme park comprised of a large-scale re-creation of the Wild West where those with enough cash in their pocket can buy a ticket to play whatever role they want.  

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