Celect Recognized as Innovative Tech Start-Up in The Leading 100

I’m thrilled to share the news of Celect’s recognition in The Leading 100, an annual list that recognizes break-out technology start-ups driving innovation in the fashion and retail industry.

This list is curated by The Lead, a research firm that bridges the fashion and retail industry with the global Silicon Valley to empower the industry’s transition to digital centricity. They’re focus is at the crux of where fashion, retail and technology markets converge – where innovation is shifting behavior and constantly creating new business opportunities.

In an industry undergoing an unprecedented transformation where in-store revenues and foot traffic are in decline, bottom line improvements require a clear understanding and ability to adapt to customers’ ever-changing needs in advance, across multiple channels. That’s exactly where Celect comes in.   

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Celect in the News: Inventory Mgmt 2.0

In an Amazon Prime world, omni-channel retailers are challenged to manage multiple sources of demand when customers expect everything in stock all the time, whether they are in the store at 1 p.m. or online at 1 a.m. To beat the real-time “last mile” supply chain challenge, retailers must be able to compete with Amazon by leveraging their stores and distribution centers as one unified distribution center to achieve massive margin gains. 

In the latest issue of Inside Outdoor Magazine, John Andrews, CEO of Celect, shared how retailers have a huge opportunity to derive more revenue from their inventory decisions and beat Amazon at its own supply chain game.

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Retail TouchPoints Announces Lucky Brand as Winner of 2019 Retail Innovator Award

We are thrilled to share the announcement of Lucky Brand as a winner for the 2019 Retail Innovator Award because of their work with Celect to optimize inventory decision-making! Retail TouchPoints (RTP), the industry's go-to source for the latest retail trends, strategies and technology innovation, has announced the 2019 Retail Innovator Award winners and names Mike Relich, Chief Operating Officer at Lucky Brand, and Miles Barger, Vice President of Merchandise Planning, Allocation, and Inventory Optimization at Lucky Brand, as winners in the category of Data Guru.

In its sixth year, the Retail Innovator Awards honor retail executives and thought leaders who: 

“[T]hink outside the box to develop and foster innovative concepts and strategies that help move the overall retail industry forward.” 

There were 100 nominations in total and the list of 18 winners was announced at today’s Retail Innovation Conference in New York City. Those who attended the event heard directly from Miles Barger, who shared Lucky Brand’s success story on using advanced analytics to optimize allocation and store fulfillment using Celect.

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Why I'm Excited for the Future of AI & Retail

I’ve spent most of my career in the retail industry. Throughout that time, I witnessed a great deal of change – from the evolution of the stores’ role, to the seismic shift in how retailers sell within the context of convenience, service and compelling experiences. Most noticeably, the fundamental core of how retailers think has changed: Managing at averages will no longer suffice. 

Despite these ongoing transformations, the one constant—and what, for me, is the most enticing aspect of the industry—is the intimate connection retail has with the consumer. With a background in astrophysics, my passion for science and innovation fuels my desire to help retailers use technology and data to make smarter decisions and preserve this crucial connection.  

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The Subtle Art (and Science) to Successful Retail Allocation

Knowing how and where to allocate products to the right stores can make or break a retailer. We live in a consumer-centered world. For better or worse, thanks to companies like Amazon, customer delivery expectations have changed so that they expect to get what they want and when they want it at the single click of a button. Often, this product can arrive on their doorstep the very next day.

Not wanting to be left in the dust, many brick-and-mortar stores are utilizing tools enhanced with artificial intelligence to master the subtle art of retail allocation. In today’s retail landscape, companies who do not utilize advanced analytics to allocate their products will be left behind or even fail completely. 

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