The Top 7 Retail Publications You Should Be Reading

publications-top7_730x280.pngOur goal for the Celect blog is to keep our readers abreast of latest news and best practices in the retail industry, as it relates to data and analytics. With every post, we aim to bring utility. It’s why we publish a diversity of content that includes such pieces as a guide to speaking to millenials, a rundown of the top 5 industry podcasts, or an inside look into the stores of the future.

But we can’t do it all. While we certainly do a pretty decent job (if we do say so ourselves) covering the most engaging and interesting stories relevant to our readers, the retail industry is complex and increasingly dynamic, and there’s simply no reasonable way to cover absolutely everything.

As such, for readers looking to further supplement their knowledge with the latest happenings in the world of retail, we recommend the following publications. Check them out. After you finish reading the Celect blog, of course.

National Retail Federation (NRF) News

Many retail publications focus their writing on simply telling the facts, limiting to their stories to the journalistic basic of “who,” “what,” “where,” “when,” and “how.” That’s all well and good. But reading these dry accounts can be a bit, well, boring.

The NRF, on the other hand, publishes a fair share of human-interest pieces, interviews, and feel-good stories all pertaining to the retail industry, such as this piece on social responsibility. It’s interesting, quality work you’d be hard-pressed to find elsewhere. The only gripe we have is the lack of active RSS feed. The only ones we were able to find via Feedly dated back to 2014. 


cropped-rw-new-300-R-2.jpgWhat makes RetailWire unique is that every morning they publish “discussion” articles on newsworthy topics in retail and invite industry experts to offer their opinions, creating a virtual “round table” of discussion, debate, and opinion. As a result, rather than getting a “just the facts” article or a one-sided take, readers are privy to a diversity of expert opinions from which they can draw their own conclusions. 

Retail Customer Experience

As the title implies, Retail Customer Experience is a publication solely dedicated to understanding the retail consumer’s point of view. Article such as this one about Kroeger’s new loyalty program take a skeptical look at retail trends and assess their impact on the customer. It seems obvious, but with so much emphasis on innovation in today’s increasingly competitive retail landscape, it’s extraordinarily beneficial to remain grounded and remind oneself about the most important element of retail—the customer.

Barbara Thau—Minding the Stores (Forbes)

Following that same line of costumer-centric thinking is Barbara Thau’s Minding The Stores publication hosted on Forbes. Thau, a retail journalist covers the latest in “consumer news, social trends, retail developments, and more.”

barbara.jpegThat’s huge. While the majority of industry publications cover retail trends—Target’s assortment optimization, Amazon’s foray into brick-and-mortar bookstores—Minding the Stores reports on consumer trends—changes in purchasing habits, consumer preferences in e-commerce vs. in-person shopping, etc.  

It’s one of the best available resources for knowing what your customers are thinking right now.

Tony Donofrio

Recognized as a top 50 influencer in the retail industry, Tony Donofrio pens this blog about retail innovation, news, and technology. What makes it particularly compelling is Donofrio’s frequent writing and analysis on the global retail marketplace, something that is surprisingly lacking in a lot of U.S.-based industry publications. 

Kizer and Bender’s Retail Adventures

Retail meet science. Rich Kizer and Georganne Bender are consumer anthropologists (yes, its apparently a real thing), who write commentary on a variety of retail issues, including customer service, sales, and technology.  If nothing else, the blog offers a unique perspective on some of the most relevant goings-on in retail today. 

Internet Retailer

 As you’re undoubtedly aware, we at Celect are big proponents of data and retail analytics.  And that’s why we love Internet Retailer, whose blog infuses data into nearly every post, and has a dedicated section entitled “Charts and Data” where interested readers can take a deep-dive into where “e-tailing has been and where it’s going.”

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