Talks You Don't Want to Miss at 2017, the annual e-commerce conference for retailers, is just around the corner and we are sooo excited.

In light of the upcoming event, we highlighted some of the most interesting items on the agenda—just for you. 

The topics range from branding to consumer insights, technology, data and more! There are a TON of options listed on the agenda, so hopefully this blog can help prioritize your schedule over the course of the three-day event.

Besides, a little pre-show planning is always a good idea. :) 

Check out the sessions outlined below to gain more insights on some of the most relevant topics shaking up the digital retail landscape today.

Women, Branding, and Technology

One of the first things I want to highlight is a keynote session taking place on September 26th called Women Rule: Entrepreneurial Inspiration. With Martine Reardon, former CMO of Macy’s, moderating, the female founders and CEOs behind Beautycounter, Minted and theSkimm share how they've developed their entrepreneurial brands. 

Mariam Naficy, founder and CEO of Minted, was actually a featured panelist on the Brick & Data podcast (visit them during the conference!) a few weeks ago. An e-commerce veteran and pioneer of consumer internet businesses, Naficy takes us through her journey into the e-commerce space with the birth of Minted—a crowd-sourced, stationery retail business that has transformed into a design community and lifestyle brand for talented designers and emerging artists.

Minted was born for the digital retail landscape today. Everything is influenced by the consumer, and any retail brand (or business for that matter) can take a cue from this playbook. Naficy shared super compelling insights about the importance of consumer feedback and the use of technology, such as predictive analytics (*wink wink*), to help make really critical decisions.

According to Naficy, accepting technology and using it to help supplement major decisions is at the core of the problem for many retailers today.

It’s seriously worth the listen. Check it out here. 

Really, It’s All About the Consumer. 

Anyways, getting back to the agenda (and reiterating Naficy’s views on the importance of consumer insights for your brand), there’s a breakout session on the 26th called 7.5 Billion Bosses: Consumers are in charge now that looks fascinating.

Kate Ancketill, CEO and founder of retail trend consultancy GDR Creative Intelligence, will discuss evolving consumer behaviors impacting the modern retail landscape and how retailers can strengthen their position in the market.

Later that afternoon, another breakout session called They want it all: The empowered consumer will discuss how leading retailers, like Sam’s Club and Walgreens, are putting the customer “front and center” throughout their marketing strategies.

If you really want to stay ahead of the curve (why wouldn’t you?), then it’s never too early to start thinking about the next generation of consumers. As you know, it’s also never a good idea to assume they will be the same as the previous generation. Global Brand President from American Eagle Outfitters and President of Dormify examine how digitally-native consumers from Generation Z think, feel, and shop in the breakout session Not just mini-millennials: What makes Gen Z unique.

Tech Tech Boom 

On a more technology-focused note, there’s a featured session by Fast Company called The next wave of retail tech, where speakers from Wayfair and Pinterest will be discussing emerging technologies and what it could potentially mean for your brand in the upcoming years.  

Seems pretty relevant given the speed of innovation and technology in today’s economy. 

Also consider attending another similarly themed feature session called Digitally Driven Turnarounds, where Panera Bread’s VP of Design will discuss how top retail brands are rethinking e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g when it comes to experimenting with the latest digital solutions in order to achieve business success.

Data, Data, Data 

Honestly, there is no shortage of data among retailers. On the other hand, managing and leveraging that data is a whole other matter.

Take a look at this breakout session scheduled the last day of the event—Digital Sleuths: How Khol’s is Increasing Conversion and Elevating Customer Experience. Khol’s VP of Digital Merchandising & Analytics and Principal of Deloitte Consulting LLP will discuss Khol’s use of data to better understand and measure its shopper’s behaviors.

Prior to this, on the 26th, you can swing by the Brick & Data podcast booth at 11:00 a.m. to listen to trending retail news, surface game changer technologies, and other topics exploring how retailers are surviving and thriving.

More Sessions Worth Checking Out

Here’s a more extensive list of some other sessions worth checking out. You can find more details about the speakers, key topics, etc. on the website!

We will be posted up at booth 1820, so don’t hesitate to swing by! :) Visit our station to learn how to optimize your ship-from-store initiatives with predictive analytics.

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