ALDO Group Profits by Leveraging Store Inventory to Fulfill Orders

SupplyChainBrain  August 1, 2019 —Ship-from-store fulfillment of online orders is growing, but the goal is to satisfy e-commerce demands without sacrificing in-store sales. Most fashion retailers have products that depreciate rapidly — as days and weeks pass, so do revenue and profits. Moreover, today’s shoppers expect to get any product they want, anywhere, anytime. 

Customers demand convenience, and retailers are challenged to properly manage multiple sources of demand, store inventories, and order fulfillment without sacrificing margins. As a result, retailers must embrace ship-from-store fulfillment that can take multiple obstacles into account, including unpredictable customer buying habits; fulfilling from stores with high walk-in demand that cannibalizes higher margin sales; the inadequacy of rules-based, traditional order-management systems limited by “either or” logic, and difficulty forecasting demand down to a precise location. 

While consumers demand fast delivery, most retailers struggle to balance multiple and often conflicting fulfillment objectives, including low delivery costs, minimized order cancellations, and reduced safety stock — all while maximizing inventory turns. 

The ALDO Group is a global creator and operator of footwear and accessory brands with 3,000 points of sale in over 100 countries. To operationalize and fulfill online orders by leveraging store inventories, it turned to Celect and its Fulfillment Optimization solution. Celect offers a cloud-based, predictive analytics SaaS platform which drives double-digit percentage revenue increases by helping retailers optimize their overall inventory portfolios in stores and across the supply chain.

ALDO can effectively leverage store inventories to fulfill online orders from the most profitable location, positively affecting margins and enhancing the “last mile” of its supply chain.

Celect optimizes order-fulfillment objectives in real time with advanced analytics, to help ALDO Group achieve the best total outcome for any given ship-from-store scenario. With Celect Fulfillment Optimization, ALDO Group is able to determine the “best case” fulfillment decision when shipping products from stores to customers.

Celect optimizes five areas in real time, for every order fulfilled from stores: full article on SupplyChainBrain...

Case Study: The ALDO Group Fulfillment Optimization

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