3 Ways Amazon Go is Revolutionizing Retail

By now you’ve heard of Amazon Go. But in case you’ve gone completely off the grid recently, here’s the crib notes:

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One Month Later: The Election and its Impact on Retail

Back in October, we wrote that the upcoming U.S. presidential election (and the fallout from whichever candidate won) would not have a negative impact on retail shopping.  This was notable, because our prediction was at odds with other industry experts who claimed a downtrend in retail sales during Q4 of 2016 was inevitable. Now, a month removed from the election, and with enough shopper data floating around out there, we can definitely say who was right. 

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Black Friday Retail Recap: What Happened?

Last week, we predicted shoppers wouldn’t care about Black Friday sales.  We were right. 


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Shoppers Don’t Care About Black Friday

Friday is Black Friday. And we’re sorry to burst your bubble retailers, but the shopping holiday really doesn’t matter all that much anymore. 

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4 Ways Retail Stores Could Use Westworld Hosts

With Game of Thrones between seasons and ending soon, HBO is banking on their Western / Sci-fi hybrid Westworld to be their next juggernaut series. The series is based on the Michael Crichton original film from 1972. Westworld is a veritable theme park comprised of a large-scale re-creation of the Wild West where those with enough cash in their pocket can buy a ticket to play whatever role they want.  

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