Lucky Brand Wins Apparel 2019 Top Innovator Award

blog-banner-apparel 2019 top innovatorsWe have some exciting news to share! Lucky Brand was recently recognized as an Apparel 2019 Top Innovator because of their work with Celect. This annual award, sponsored by Apparel Magazine, recognizes apparel retailers, brands, and manufacturers who demonstrate notable innovation in their business, as well as the strategic partners that foster such success.

Apparel Magazine, a publication covering the latest news on just about everything happening at the intersection of retail and technology, awards those who are proactively adapting to change for the betterment of their business, as well as initiating and bringing forward insightful discussions surrounding innovation in retail. It’s apparent that technology has forever altered the retail game and continues to garner success for businesses who embrace it. Retailers, like Lucky Brand, leverage AI with Celect to fundamentally change how they approach inventory decision-making - enhancing existing systems, processes, and business results.

The reality is, retailers today face a myriad of pressures as they scramble to understand what and how much product they need, where to place it, and where to fulfill from. These decisions are important and can have consequential effects across the board, including significant markdowns, lost sales or poor customer experiences. The struggle to accurately align products to hyperlocal consumer demand has compelled retailers to seek a competitive edge. As such, many retailers, including Lucky Brand, realize the capabilities of artificial intelligence (AI) technology and how it can be used to win over customers, improve sales, and, ultimately, increase margins.

Apparel’s winning group of innovators were evaluated on their effectiveness in adopting technology to their retail business. More specifically, their successful implementation to streamline data across the supply chain, use AI to gain intelligent insights, and strategically apply that knowledge across their business. Feel free to learn more about the Lucky Brand recognition and work with Celect here.

More Good News – 2019 SCDE Award

Additionally, Celect’s work with the Aldo Group to improve store fulfillment was also recently recognized as a 2019 Supply Chain & Demand Executive (SCDE100) Award recipient. Selection is based on successful and transformative projects delivering value across supply chain functions, while offering forward-looking perspectives for the industry and allowing new opportunities for companies to leap toward success. The artificial intelligence and machine-learning capabilities underlying Celect’s technology continue to drive innovation and help our customers succeed.

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AI: The Answer to Inventory Decision-Making

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