An Interview with Aldo’s Sr. Director of E-Commerce on Predictive Analytics

aldo-stores-blog-bannerIf you’re familiar with Celect, then you know how excited we are about our latest press release, which announces our recent partnership with multinational footwear retailer, ALDO Group.

For those of you who haven’t heard—here’s the lowdown on the announcement:

By leveraging predictive analytics, Celect is providing Aldo with unique insights on customer demand to help optimize the fulfillment of online orders across its global network of stores.

Which brings me to my next point:  

Total Retail just released an exclusive interview with ALDO Group's Director of E-commerce Operations, Marc Chretien, to talk about his experience with Celect and Aldo’s omnichannel fulfillment efforts: 

“Customers have become very flexible in their purchasing patterns and have embraced omnichannel, leading them to expect these options from retailers. […] A strategy that ALDO Group has adopted is placing the most possible inventory in-store (vs. distribution centers) where both the walk-in and the digital customer can access it. The Celect technology is a great compliment to that strategy and allows ALDO Group to more accurately predict customers’ demands in real time and, subsequently, determine which stores have inventory opportunities.“Marc Chretien, Sr. Director of E-commerce Operations at ALDO Group

The Q&A provides some additional insights into how Aldo is adapting to the changing consumer and leaning on predictive analytics to make better, faster and more profitable order fulfillment decisions.

Here's a brief look at some of the questions Total Retail asks Aldo:

  1. Why is ALDO Group investing in tools and technologies that can better enable omnichannel fulfillment of its orders?
  2. What behaviors have you seen from your customers that led you in this direction?
  3. What are the challenges associated with omnichannel fulfillment? How is ALDO Group's use of Celect's analytics solutions helping to address those challenges?
  4. What level of training is required of your store associates to get them ready to start fulfilling online orders in-store? How is this task being worked in with their other responsibilities?
  5. What are the business benefits that the ALDO Group hopes to realize from its omnichannel fulfillment efforts?

Read the full Q&A here.

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