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Todd is the Director of Marketing at Celect, where he is responsible for marketing strategy, content generation, brand awareness, and inbound/outbound marketing. He has been immersed in the technology space for much of his career, most recently serving in product marketing roles at Core Security, Aveksa (acquired by RSA) and Q1 Labs (acquired by IBM). Previously, he held positions with Novell in their Security & Compliance business units, Tilion (a venture funded startup), and started Cyberian Solutions, an IT consultancy. Todd holds a Master in Business Administration and Information Resources Management degree from Northeastern University, and a Bachelor of Science from Union College.
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3 Reasons Why Valentine’s Day Shopping Has Gone Sour This Year

Valentine’s Day celebrations began innocently enough. In the mid-1800s, to mark the occasion and reaffirm their love for one another, trendy couples exchanged inexpensive greeting cards. The practice grew in popularity over the ensuing decades, and by the 1920s, manufacturers saw sales of V-Day cards explode to $60 million, or about $766 million today.  

It didn’t go unnoticed.

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Topics: assortment optimization, customer experience, valentine's day

Express has a Whiskey Club?

What is it about whiskey? In the early 2000s, sales were stagnant. Years of underinvestment brought disinterest from the drinking public, and vodka, buoyed by the runaway success of Sex and the City and its cosmopolitan-guzzling protagonists, was far and away the country’s most popular liquor. Now, ten or so years later, four different whiskey brands are counted among the most popular booze in America, and Fortune magazine claims its sales have “bested the performance of tequila, vodka, gin and all other key spirits categories.”

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Topics: customer experience, purchase behavior, whiskey

Retail Gets Touchy Feely

Earlier this week, Wal-Mart announced they were laying off hundreds of employees to realign the business and help strength the companies’ ecommerce operations.

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Topics: assortment optimization, omnichannel, in-store assortment

3 Takeaways from Retail's BIG Show 2017

The Nation Retail Federation kicked off its annual BIG Show this past Sunday. Here’s some of the highlights, now that everything has wrapped up.

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Topics: nrf, bigshow, events

Our Favorite Retail Stories of 2016

As we look forward to 2017, we take a look back at some of the more memorable stories of the past year. While there were numerous blogs to pick from, we narrowed it down to those stories that will continue to resonate into the coming year and beyond.

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Topics: holidays, shopping trends, inventory optimization, roundup

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