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The ‘Art of What’s Possible’ with Celect Inventory Optimization Suite

I’ve spent my entire career in the retail industry, in various roles, both working directly for retailers and as a consultant. These experiences gave me an opportunity to view the retail industry through a number of different lenses. As a result, I’m often asked what is on a retail CEO’s mind in today’s current business climate, to which I typically answer, with certainty, one thing: inventory.

Inventory optimization, inventory effectiveness, how to improve inventory decisions in an omni-channel world. Inventory remains the top challenge for most retailers, as seen from the $1.4 trillion inventory problem stemming from lost sales and excessive markdowns. New realities force the need for a new approach. While customer expectations have changed and retail operations and execution have changed, inventory decision-making (for the most part) has not. 

The fact of the matter is that inventory is a complex problem and complex problems do not have simple answers.

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Topics: retail technology, artificial intelligence, inventory optimization, brick-and-mortar retail, machine learning, advanced analytics, start-up, innovation

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