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How Retail Creative Directors Impact Store Assortment

In my first retail job, I worked as a sales associate for Banana Republic. I learned how I was expected to dress, who our customers were and what they wanted, the characteristics of our merchandise, and grew familiar with the style of what we were offering – our image. A few months in, the company hired a new creative director, and just like that, everything changed.

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Topics: retail analytics, in-store assortment, creative

What Does a “Seamless Experience” Really Look Like?

We’ve heard time and time again that what consumers want from retailers today is a “seamless experience.” When I hear this phrase, I know it refers to unifying in-store, online, and mobile shopping experiences, but how could this realistically happen, and what would that experience look like from the customers’ point of view? Is this just another buzzword that the industry has clung to, or does it have real consequences? 

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Topics: customer experience, predictive analytics

Is Customer Experience Better Online Than in Stores?

In a recent study by Forrester, it was found that better customer experience (CX) is closely correlated with more robust revenue growth, essentially confirming what we all already expected. The study also uncovered something else. There was a significant difference between online only retailers and traditional retailers when it comes to their CX Index. Online only retailers were found to have significantly higher CX scores.

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Topics: assortment optimization, customer experience

Are One Day Promotions Worth the Hype?

Today is July 11, and as I write this I am thinking about my after work plans to take advantage of 7-11’s free Slurpee day. This year is in fact the 50th anniversary of the Slurpee which means even more free treats. No Monday blues here!

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Topics: loyalty, amazon prime, promotions

How Traditional Retail Can Mimic the Stitch Fix Model

One of the most talked about segments of the retail industry today is the subscription box fad. A great example of this is Stitch Fix. For any who haven’t heard of it yet, the basic premise is this: to transfer the personal shopper service to the online subscription world.

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Topics: product assortment, subscription boxes

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